Ungaro by Lindsay Lohan? Not the best idea...

The House of Ungaro’s Lowdown on Lindsay Lohan

Godfrey Deeny
October 01st, 2009 @ 00:19 AM - Paris

It turns out that the surprise fashion appointment of this summer – the nomination of movie star Lindsay Lohan and designer Estella Archs to be the creative team in charge of the Paris fashion house Emanuel Ungaro - had a somewhat surprising imprimatur. The most important recommendation for Lohan was "Project Runway" star Tim Gunn.

“I was very influenced in my choice by Tim Gunn, who had invited Lindsay to be a judge," said Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige in an exclusive interview. "His comments that she had a great sense of fashion and knew what works and doesn’t work, were pretty significant to me.”

Ungaro announced the appointment of Lohan and Archs in early September, though Moufarrige said that the pair had actually started working on their debut collection back in June both in Paris and Los Angeles.

Archs and Lohan succeeded Esteban Cortazar, whose relationship with Ungaro had been fraught, following mixed reviews for all three collections he produced for the house.

Celebrity fashion is nothing new, from Puff Daddy and Gwen Stefani in the U.S. to Victoria Beckham in the U.K. However, no celebrity has ever been given the reins at a major Paris couture house where the weight of expectation, technical demands and critical jury are considerably more demanding.


“Lindsay Lohan is not a designer, we are not pretending that she is. But she is a great merchandiser who can bring lots of ideas. You will soon see that,” said Moufarrige.




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