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Whooga Uggboots is giving away a free pair of Ugg boots to one competition winner who manages to put one of the above on their blog.
I'd like to state that I hate Ugg(ly) boots and would never wear them, and that the competition is closed, so I'm only adding them to my blog to point out how brands are now getting bloggers to advertise for them, even if they don't have google ads. It's a very clever idea, making it seem like their advertising is benefiting the blogger. However, the point is that it's seen. I'm sure the winner is the one who has the most popular blog and got them the most click-throughs. But would bloggers who get up to 10,000 views a day bother to put this up to win a pair of Uggs? They'd already have it I'm sure with all their freebies to review.

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