Rodents wearing Giles Deacon

Cadbury Caramel Bunny: her legs are too hairy

marketingmagazine.co.uk 13-Oct-09, 13:07

LONDON - Sarah Golding, managing partner of CHI & Partners, reviews the new look of the Cadbury Caramel bunny.

Ah, the Cadbury Bunny takes me back. Her luscious tanned legs, her cheeky pink neckscarf and long, long lashes, as smooth and delicious as the chocolate itself.

Flirty, cool and all woman. Girls wanted to be like her, boys wanted to be with her, and we all wanted to eat her bar (so to speak).

When Cadbury, following the recessionary vogue for nostalgia, brought her back, I, for one, cheered.

There she was in glor-ious purple and yellow technicolour, lounging louchely on the back of buses, flirting with us again. All the warm feelings for the brand and its sinful, gooey loveliness flooded back, and newsagents were packed with 80s throwbacks like me.

Yet, what have they done to her to launch this product? Hairy legs? A designer dress? That wasn't the deal. She was sensuous and alluring. Now you've made me see her for what she really is - a rabbit. From Jessica to Bugs in one swift step. She's no longer the animated siren she once was; she's just a cartoon rodent flogging her chocolatey pellets.


My goodness would Karl Lagerfeld be annoyed: a fashion conscious female wearing Giles Deacon with hairy legs? Why do large companies always assume that with the demand for new products we demand change to the advertising? What was wrong with the old Caramel bunny? I guess if she appeared on a poster or a label not everyone would realise how special it is that she's back. Still, I don't think resembling her to a rodent rather than a cartoon is the best option for Cadbury's. They should have instead had the Cadbury mum and her teenage daughter, showing that Caramel Cadbury's is for all generations. Plus it's for the nibbles, the bitesize piece of the Caramel, so having the younger generation of bunny would have worked well.

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