3D Week on 4

Channel 4 invites you to stick on your 3D specs and celebrate 3D! Watch astonishing unseen footage of The Queen during her Coronation year, Derren Brown's 3D Magic Spectacular with some of the world's greatest and most shocking magic performances, and a whole heap of 3D films. Get your glasses and get involved!


Channel 4 wants you to get involved with 3D Week
Channel 4 wants YouTubers to get involved with our upcoming week of 3D programming.

Submit your 10-second 3D videos with the theme, number 4, and your clip is in with a chance of appearing on Channel 4 during the week.

It's really easy to make a 3D video. Just follow Ally & Morgan's simple steps in the 'How-To' and then send in your clip as a response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-r9gRhT1Ts

If your video is good enough it may be shown on Channel 4!

Make sure you check the terms and conditions at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/3d-week/articles/terms... and we look forward to seeing you in 3D.

3D comes back on TV! I remember getting those red and green 3D glasses and sitting in our living room with my family, flicking between 3D and double vision green and red. Oh how it's changed. Instead, for example when I went to see Beowulf at a Cineworld, the glasses were more like geeky ray bans make from plastic instead of paper. What's nice is that all YouTubers can create a 3D video, as long as it has the theme of 4, and it will be shown on TV. Great for publicity, a shame if you're not picked. The date for the 3D week hasn't been specified yet, probably because they're not sure how many people will actually attempt to create 3D films via YouTube, and don't want to guarantee a week slot and have nothing to show.
Interesting that the glasses are available from Sainsbury's. They have pretty much specified that their target market shops at Sainsbury's rather than Waitrose, Marks or Tesco. But are they free? Hopefully.

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