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HAVING set its sights on expanding in Lebanon and Mongolia, Louis Vuitton has yet more good news: parent group LVMH has announced a double digit rise in Louis Vuitton sales over the nine months to September 30.

According to DRAPERSONLINE.COM, LVMH said like-for-like sales dropped 3 per cent in the past three months to September 30 - with total sales of £10.9bn - as brands like Celine suffered from poor wholesale performance, but Louis Vuitton's success contributed to a boost in its overall performance.

The opening of stores in China and the launch of the first Louis Vuitton fine jewellery collection were cited as contributing factors as well as the performance of LVMH's fashion and leather goods sector, which achieved like-for-like revenue growth of one per cent for the first nine months of the year.


Interesting that as soon as Burberry and Louis Vuitton make their brand more available by showing their collections online, they both receive an increase in sales. Whether it be a publicity stunt, a form of marketing or an opportunity for the designer to show off their performance art, it seems that showing collections online is a way of improving the identity of the brand as well as their awareness. I think many designer labels will attempt to follow, and then the lower luxury and high street brands will follow suit, not to increase sales, but just so that they won't be left behind and left old-fashioned. There must be another way to appeal to the online audience?

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