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Clemens In Town

PACKING its sartorial suitcases Clemens en August has once again hit the road to showcase its autumn/winter 2009-10 collection as part of its international touring concept, which returns to the UK from today, for three days only, until October 17.

Located at 36 Great Titchfield Street, the men's and women's collection will be on sale from 11am to 8pm daily and, this season, have a touch of Gallic elegance about them. Think fine silk wools, soft jerseys in gentle and muted shades, delicate prints, cocktail frocks, blouses and underwear as outerwear - a strong trend to note for spring/summer 2010 too.

And, new to the Clemens en August wardrobe for autumn/winter comes the Coco Jacket, boasting shapely shoulders and contrasting satin detail.

The Clemens en August tour travels to 11 cities including New York, Tokyo, Berlin and Zurich.

I think it's a great idea to have a traveling clothing line that's global. It saves on overhead costs as well as bringing a sense of fragility that you have to be quick to capture, kind of like a bubble. It's not around for long, so you have to get there fast and first, then you'll definitely buy something knowing that there is no way in hell you'd be able to have time to think about it.

By doing a tour it also means that it's making itself globally aware, bringing a very easy form of publicity and a hint of limited availability, which attracts shoppers better than a dog to a bone.

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