Magazines do Dating sites?

INTERNET dating is like autumn/winter's Louis Vuitton bunny ears: probably plenty of fun but pretty scary for most people too. Or like your winter Ugg boot obsession: totally understandable and great in the comfort of your own home, but not something you would brag about at a chic cocktail party - until now.

TRULYMADLYDATING.COM is Conde Nast International's first dating site, supported by GLAMOUR.COM and GQ.COM, and created to unite glamorous girls with fashion-conscious GQ-reading boys to create matches made in style heaven.

The site is easy to use - including free profile creation and browsing, and a two-way compatibility system to help find your match - and there are thousands of profiles already online.

Lauren Milligan

09 October 2009


Condé Nast Publications, Inc. is a worldwide magazine publishing company. Its main offices are located in London, Madrid, Miami, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Condé Nast is run by S.I. Newhouse Jr. So why dating? Now, I know fashion is meant to be sociable, but surely it's a bit of a risk setting up a dating site to compete with Match.com and eHarmony.com? But then again, it'd be interesting to see the types of men that join the site. You can imagine GQ magazine: Hello boys who read GQ, find girls who read Glamour, you know, the one with the articles like "Why is he no good in bed", "How to lose weight and be obsessed with yourself" oh, and of course all those agony aunt articles that are so educational. Sorry no Meghan Fox here." I doubt there would be many. They should just have created a "creative" site where like minding people can answer questions like Yahoo Answers and create directories like LinkedIn for the fashion business. Unless there are a lot of lesbians in the fashion industry, I'm guessing there will be a lot of disappointed girls looking for guys, or some lucky guys who get 100 emails a day because they're one of 10 guys. Just stick to Match.com, there are more chances and there are 6 month guarantees.

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