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SOCIAL networking has a bigger influence on fashion than editors, models or even celebrities. Surprisingly that is not the view of a Facebook or Twitter executive, but of one of the world's foremost fashion commentators, the International Herald Tribune's Suzy Menkes.

"Here is the verdict from cyberspace: Balenciaga, 41 Twitters in an hour after the show; and in the same time, Balmain, 75," she reports in her IHT daily round-up this morning. "How unfair that the Balmain designer should have twice the attention of the other for the collection sent out by Mr Ghesquiere was by far the more original and inventive."

"And new-millennium Balmain has definitely caught the fashion moment, as well as the attention of a whole wide world of bloggers, Tweeters and cyberspace image makers. They see in Mr Decarnin the vibe of the moment: love it, grab it, own it, have fun with it. MySpace is his space."


  • This is absolutely true. We've been following the fashion shows through Twitter and the fashion assistants using new technology are adding democracy to the industry. Whereby editors would consider their editorial support following advertiser meetings the Twitterati are telling it like it is straight from the front line and politics free. What's not to like
  • Gill 02 October 2009 03:15PM

Tavi Gevinson, the 13 year old blogger who was most photographed at NY Fashion Week. Incredible how the advance of technology is distinguishing how successful a brand is. The more technology involved, the more easy access people have to it, the more popular they become.
Everything will probably soon turn into the end scene of Wall-E, with us all in a chair with a computer attached to us to do everything we ever needed. We have a long way to go though, it still costs £8 to try on a top bought on the internet then returned. Although the time is dragged out, it's still more convenient. But should we start buying into all of this technology, or should we really be trying to get back to what we enjoy about shopping, so get the best experience from going instore and having people wait on us hand and foot. It's still popular in the high fashion boutiques, and even high street stores offer personal stylists for a better experience, even the new high street store GIVe from the creator of George at Asda and Per Una wants to offer a friendly styling personal service with ever customer.

So do we need personal marketing at home? or out? Are we really that lazy that it has to be all on the internet?

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