Prada Blueprint

ALREADY the foundations of many a woman's wardrobe Prada is about to take this one step further with its latest project, JWP Epicentre - a collection of souvenir T-shirts depicting the floor plans and fronts of Prada's most famous stores; Aoyama in Tokyo, Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, Broadway in New York, Old Bond Street in London and Galleria and Montenapoleone Uomo e Donna in Milan.

Featuring overlapping graphic designs, the idea behind the T-shirts is that they become a souvenir, serving as a visual and literal reminder of each particular city. The result is a busy and hectic print in a bid to recreate the non-stop nature of Prada's creative process.

In colours in accordance to each store, the unisex T-shirts are available this month and in sizes XXS to XXL, costing £135.

Jessica Bumpus

09 October 2009


A unique idea to let more consumers buy Prada for less. By having a collection that is created with a wider audience in mind, it makes the label seem more available and more friendly, bringing new, happy customers. Prada has always had it's toe in Art and Architecture, but it's a nice surprise to have the prints based on Prada stores. Hopefully you'll be able to buy different prints in the same store, because I've been to the Prada in Rome, but not in London, and know which friendlier store I'd want on my t-shirt.

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