Look, It's really from Savile Row

SAVILE Row tailoring is already a benchmark of quality across the world and now the bespoke landmark is set to make things official. The Savile Row Bespoke association is pushing for a "kitemark" which will distinguish its handmade suits from nearby cut-price competitors.

"Our members are facing a lot of young customers whose fathers had not brought them to the tailor," Anda Rowland, a Savile Row Bespoke Association board member told the London Lite. "A lot of younger men have no idea what they are looking for."

The association hopes that the application to brand the Savile Row name will help customers understand the difference in quality between a £500 "made-to-order" suit and a £3000 bespoke one. If successful the official appellation contrôlée protection order would give the suits the same protection as Champagne and Parma Ham.

Lauren Milligan

07 October 2009


Does anyone remember all those protests that were going on about Abercrombie & Fitch being on Savile Row? It was a way of literally murdering the tailors. These big stupid American companies thinking they know London. Do you really think the people of Savile Row will buy from there? Instead Savile Row is a mix of those who buy the elite versions of fashion, and teenagers looking for a t-shirt with a logo stitched to it.

Personally, I would prefer to spend £500 than £3,000 on a suit, but if I had the money, I'd definitely be on Savile Row. Their quality is world famous, and I'm surprised they haven't had a kitemark before now. Did you know that when you go to buy a suit in the oldest tailor on Saville Row, there is no price tag, no demand for £3,000, they only have an understanding with the customer that they will pay, and they pay what they think the suit is worth. It sounds like it's an age old agreement made 200 years ago.

Hopefully Savile Row will continue to make suits that, like Parma Ham, are worth more than their weight in Gold.

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